FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gini?

Your Gini is an employee of The Ginius Wayr. Each Gini is responsible for customers who live within a certain area. Your personal Gini will be assigned to you according to where you live. Should for some reason there be a change in your Gini  (vacation, sick leave or change of Gini in charge of an area), we will inform you as soon as possible and make sure that we maintain the high quality of the service given to you. All our Ginis are carefully selected and trained. Also see our Ginis page.

How does the accounting work?

You pay a monthly fee for which includes the weekly visit by your Gini. These costs are automatically charged to your credit card at the beginning of each month. You can suspend this service at the end of every month. Additional costs for goods and services (e.g. purchases, laundry service) will be charged weekly. These costs will be based on the retail prices and calculated without further surcharge. A 3% clearing charge will be added to these additional costs. During the initial set-up you can specify whether and to what extent goods and services may be charged without your explicit approval (e.g. CHF 50 per order).

What tasks does my Gini do?

First and foremost your Gini will help you with your everyday chores. The set-up interview (in person or by phone) is about finding out how Gini can best help you. Gini will become your everyday help who shoulders your recurring tasks and is (also) glad to furfill your one-time needs.

Tasks range from weekly tidy-up, waste disposal, sending and accepting mail, organizing laundry service, coordination and organization with the apartment administration and third parties who need to come into your apartment, bringing and picking up items for repair as well as the organization of your own special/personal events. A wide range of services is possible - just ask your Gini. Click here for a bird's-eye view in our service catalog.

What is the set-up meeting and how does it work?

The Service of The Ginius Way starts with the set-up meeting. The aim of the set-up meeting is finding out just how The Ginius Way can best help you as well as getting to know your Gini personally . Here some of the important topics that will be discussed during this meeting: Which tasks would you like your Gini to take over? Which services do you wish to include in your subscription? What are the specifics about your apartment? What are your wishes and no-gos? To find answers to these questions the meeting would ideally take place at your home but it could also be held on the phone.

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