New name, new logo, still a brilliant service!

We have changed our name and our logo - but the ingenious service has remained. Be a genius and let your daily chores be taken care of by The Ginius Way.

Try 2 weeks free of charge.
Now available in Zurich and Bern.

The Ginius Way - For a life without daily chores

  • Fresh laundry stored in your cupboards
  • Waste properly disposed
  • Clean and tidy apartment
  • Packages shipped from and delivered to your home
  • Inventories stocked up and stowed away
  • Housing and repair service taken care of


Your Gini will help you with all your daily chores.

Once a week your Gini comes to your home. However your Gini is available to you every day for questions and new orders - personal, direct, uncomplicated.

And over time the service gets better and better - your Gini learns to anticipate your wishes and provide you with even more free time.


60 CHF/week

Tidy-up | Grocery Shopping | Apartment Management | Laundry Service | Postal Service | Repair Service


Optional Add-Ons

+ Apartment Cleaning
+ Individual Wishes
+ Express Service

Your advantages with The Ginius Way

No annoying commissioning

Come home and find your daily chores done.

No time-consuming coordination

Enjoy the advantage of a trustworthy person who takes care of everything for you.

No time commitments

Live your rhythm - no restrictions due to opening hours and delivery dates.

What our customers say

Franz Gerber

"It's extremely practical to have a service like The Ginius Way to tackle all my daily worries. My Gini knows me and knows how I want things done. So I come home and not only is everything done, but I didn't even have to waste time thinking about it."

Martina Häfeli

"The Ginius Way helps me organize my stressful everyday life. If I run out of things in the household, I no longer write them on a piece of paper, but send them directly to Gini. Thanks to Gini, my empty glass and PET bottles no longer pile up in a corner. It takes a little getting used to, but meanwhile I couldn't live without my Gini anymore!"

Beat Zimmermann

"I have already tried out some online services and other service providers. Unfortunately, they were either too expensive, too inflexible or too complex to organize. With The Ginius Way I have now found the ideal service. The tasks get done almost by themselves."

Tidying Up | Cleaning | Disposing | Washing | Shopping | Repairing | Picking Up | Dropping Off | Sending and Accepting Mail | Organizing | Waiting | Doing Research | Phone Calls

It's all not your problem anymore!